Askell Kytharr

King of Kytharr


Askell Kytharr is one of the few tieflings to actually be of a significant power, even though he is the second generation to hold it. He isn’t known to many of the common people as one, as he is usually in armour that completely covers them. He is more known to place anyone capable to be part of his force, as to him, “Any man who can bear arms, must bear them for the advancement of our fair nation.”

He may put commoners at risk, but for high rewards, by usually granting them a plausible wish at the cost of being part of the soldiers in combat. He wants all that he can take from his citizens, in these harsh times.

He is known for being part of the catalyst of this quadrant war, as of capturing the band of elven bandits, which was lead by William Synair, and failing to contain them, along with several hostages, whom probably complied to joining.

Askell Kytharr

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